Superior Gas Solutions

Grid Supervision
PSIcontrol is a standardised, modular control system for monitoring and controlling gas pipelines. It's modular structure facilitates adaptability to concrete tasks and special demands as well as assuring easy expansion for higher functions such as prognosis, simulation and optimisation.

Grid Management
PSItransport is a multi-user system which can be operated as an integral part of PSI's gas management system or run independently of the dispatching system. In this way, it can be functionally tailored to the requirements of integrated companies, TSOs and SSOs.

Grid Analysis
PSIganesi is a high-performance tool which enables steady-state and transient gas network simulations to be carried out. It is available as a stand-alone application for on-line simulation, gas composition determination and planning purposes, or can be integrated within the gas management system for transient network calculations.

Communication System
PSIcomcentre guarantees quick, safe and standardised message exchange between gas market participants. The system is equally suited to meet the requirements of network and storage operators, transporters and distributors as well as shippers, brokers and traders.

Management Information System
PSIportal is an application which supports the information flow and the information
representation of all kinds of data for internal and external use.

Pipeline Monitoring

Real-Time Transient Modelling (RTTM)                                                                                        
The Real-Time Transient Modelling (RTTM) application is a tool that provides reliable and comprehensive information about the actual but invisible physical processes inside a pipeline.

Leak Detection & Location
PSI's leak detection & location application guarantees the safe and efficient operation of oil pipelines. The simulation core was awarded a German process patent and the only one of its kind to be certified for pipeline operation by the German Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV).

Look-Ahead and What-If Simulation
The Look-Ahead Simulation application is a tool that identifies in advance any negative drift to undesirable hydraulic conditions and is used to prevent assets from damage.

The What-If Simulation application is a tool that determines in advance the consequences of operator-initiated actions.

PSIpipelines provides a comprehensive tracking system. Data is permanently exchanged between the RTTM and the tracking system to ensure very precise calculation results.

Monitoring and Integrity
PSIpipelines provides the following pipeline monitoring and integrity applications: Pipeline Stress Monitor, Pipeline Efficiency, Instrumentation Analyzer and Slack Line Control.

Planning, Optimisation and Monitoring of Oil Transports

Nomination and Planning
Our tools help you to determine 24/7 the customers’ delivery requirements via the internet and enables the creation and simulation of various transport and storage scenarios. Schedules are optimised and then transferred seamlessly to the dispatcher.

Metering and Balancing
Our tools help you to determine all quantitative and qualitative measurements and revision-safe loggings for all transports. All quantities are recorded precisely. Quantities and grades can be quickly and clearly assigned to balance accounts. The system automatically generates all data necessary for billing.

Value added functionality
Of course all necessary reports are available as integrated standard reports. In addition individually created reports can be defined and used even from an outside partner which adds flexibility for shareholders own in-house processes. Additional trader information gives an overview of current inventory and predicts future inventory trends. It optimizes and supports purchasing processes of traders and refineries as well.