PSI develops and integrates software solutions for challenging tasks in network and  manufacturing  management. As a leading control system software producer in Europe, our core business consists of providing control systems for energy suppliers, industry and large network providers. Through customer and consulting relationships spanning decades, we have acquired a unique know-how of our customers’ value-added processes. This understanding of processes is combined in products and systems with the cutting edge technology developed by PSI.

In the energy sector, PSI Energy Gas & Oil develops complete software solutions for the transportation,
distribution and management of oil & gas, water and electricity. In addition to developing state-of-the-art
monitoring & control systems, the company offers business applications such as real-time modeling, demand
forecasting, leak detection and location, transaction management and optimisation.

The Gas & Oil division currently employs 180 engineers and pipeline specialists. Our solutions have been
implemented by many leading pipeline operators and energy providers worldwide. Using our technological
advantage, we have solidified our market dominance and helped our customers optimise their business processes.

Photo: PSI AG

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