The Benefits

PSIpipelines applications add value to other mission critical systems like SCADA. They enhance situational awareness and provide a greater use of important information for safe and cost-efficient operations.

Improved Operations

  • Holistic view of pipelines, commodities, stations, instrumentation and equipment
  • Enhanced monitoring and control
  • Complete set of information
  • High performance visualizations to provide a high degree of situational awareness

Effective Prevention

  • Early detection of deviating conditions
  • Asset damage prevention
  • Material fatigue prediction
  • Quick identification of measurement drifts

Increased Safety

  • Reliable and comprehensive information in unmetered areas
  • Early prediction of critical situations
  • Assessment of consequences of operator-initiated actions
  • Analysis of effects of changed settings

Reduced Risks and Costs

  • High performance leak detection methods
  • Fast leak detection and accurate leak location
  • Reduction of impacts on production, transportation and environment
  • Cost reduction

Reduced Power Consumption

  • Continuous efficiency calculation
  • Identification of optimal pigging frequency
  • Determination of optimal settings
  • Supervision of energy consumption

Accurate Delivery

  • On-time delivery of commodities
  • Reduction of transmix volumes
  • Reduction of product contamination
  • Cost savings