Real-Time Transient Model

The results are used by operators to

  • have information in unmetered areas
  • identify changing conditions
  • make correct decisions
  • bserve the consequences of initiated actions

The accurate determination of flow dynamics requires extensive knowledge of the conditions at any time at any point of a pipeline. This objective is only achieved by PSIpipelines RTTM. SCADA and other technologies are not able to provide accurate information about flow, pressure, temperature, density and many other physical states at any point of a pipeline. It is PSI’s modelling principle and technology that makes the difference in terms of reliability, sensitivity, accuracy and robustness.

The results are used by other PSIpipelines applications to

  • calculate very precise mass balances
  • avoid leak detection and location errors
  • determine exact tracking positions and arrival times
  • advise on energy consumption
  • advise on segments affected by corrosion
  • identify malfunctioning instrumentation

The main objectives of the RTTM are to

  • minimize the effect of missing, inaccurate or skewed data
  • correctly determine the actual physical state along a pipeline based on discrete input values
  • provide a complete set of plausible data for each point of a pipeline (transient and steady-state conditions)