Real-Time and Offline Simulation

Predictive Simulation

During steady-state operations the hydraulic conditions may change. If a pipeline transports different products of different compositions the conditions will change slowly so that a previously chosen optimal mode of operation might become more and more inconvenient. The PSIpipelines Predictive Simulation module identifies in advance any negative drift to undesirable hydraulic conditions. The system detects the process element that is going to reach a certain threshold and calculates the exact time at which the event will occur. The operator then can adjust pump switches or modify set points.

A predictive simulation runs on a cyclical basis. It can be started either manually by the operator or it runs permanently in the background. The resulting simulation values for flow, pressure, density, etc. are stored in the same database as any real-time measurements and thus can be applied by any other module and subsystem.

What-If Simulation

In multi-batch pipeline operations it is essential to know in advance the consequences of operator-initiated actions. Based on Real-Time Transient Model data, pump switch settings, modified set points, flow path variations and other information the PSIpipelines What-If Simulation calculates the corresponding process values.

Training System

The PSIpipelines Offline Simulation contains a transient model of the pipeline system along with a facility simulation kit for pump control, valve control and for the emulation of control loops. The offline simulation system is the basis for PSIpipelines Training System.

The Training System exactly replicates the real process and provides all functions for leak detection and pipeline monitoring simulation. The hydraulic offline simulation replaces the complete pipeline process as modelled in a real solution. The virtual control system converts operator commands into process information and emulates control loops.