Pipeline Efficiency

The Pipeline Efficiency application helps to ensure flow assurance, to identify optimal pigging frequency and to reduce pumping energy.

Required throughput must be obtained at the lowest operating cost. Deposits like wax

  • accumulate at pipe walls over time
  • cause drastic reduction of efficiency
  • increase the pumping power costs due to the decreasing inner diameter of a pipeline
  • reduce the flow rate and can cause a total flow blockage
  • encourage corrosion growth
  • potentially prevent corrosion inhibitors from being properly applied

The Pipeline Efficiency application indicates pressure deviations from optimal operation and notifies the operator in advance to initiate cleaning scraper runs when the calculated efficiency falls below a certain level. Efficiency values are recorded to to identify how quickly deposits affect a pipeline and to adjust the pigging frequency. Pumping energy consumption can be compared for maximum and minimum efficiency.

The application utilizes pressure and flow profiles of the RTTM.