Leak Detection and Location

PSIpipelines provides the following LDS applications: RTTM-Model Compensated Mass Balance, Compensated Mass Balance, Pressure Gradient Evalutation and Negative Pressure Wave

PSIpipelines Leak Detection System is the most accurate solution for long distance pipelines with intermediate pumps, extreme elevations and slack line flow conditions. It is approved by the independent experts of TÜV and fully complies with industry and international standards:

  • TRFL (Technical Guideline on Pipelines)
  • API 1130 Computational Monitoring for Liquids
  • Saudi Aramco Engineering Standard SAES-Z-003
  • Transneft OTT-13.320.00-KTH-051-12
  • IEC EN 61508 (SIL 1)

RTTM-Model Compensated Mass Balance

Model Compensated Mass Balance (MCMB) is the most powerful and most accurate balancing method to detect pipeline leaks. More

Compensated Mass Balance

The basis of pipeline inventory calculation is the significant difference between Compensated Mass Balance (CMB) and MCMB. More

Pressure Gradient Evaluation

Leak locations are determined by the model-based pressure gradient intersection method. More

Negative Pressure Wave

The NPW method is based on the analysis of pressure signals. More