Look-Ahead Simulation

The Look-Ahead Simulation application is a tool that identifies in advance any negative drift to undesirable hydraulic conditions. It is used to prevent assets from damage.

The prediction period is only limited by computing power, but from the operators point of view the typical period is 30 minutes to 24 hours.

Even during steady-state operations the hydraulic conditions may change,  e. g. due to consecutive batches of different density. The application detects the process element that is going to reach a certain threshold and calculates the Look-Ahead Simulationexact time at which the event will occur. The operator can thus accordingly adjust pump switches or modify set points. The resulting simulation values for flow, pressure, density, etc. are recorded in the database.

The Look-Ahead Simulation is based on the RTTM hydraulic data model and runs on a cyclical basis. Cycle times can be individually configured. The simulation can be started either manually by the operator or it runs permanently in the background.