Integrated Solutions

Fully integrated solutions are perfectly matched applications utilising software and hardware for cost-effective implementations, high system performance, high reliability, outstanding quality, efficient engineering, safe operations and reduced costs for services and training. Customers benefit from a consistent look-and-feel across products, optimal system performance, efficient implementation, shared access to all engineering tools, reduced training costs and a single point of service.

Integration Levels

PSIpipelines unique scalable architecture supports different levels of integration with SCADA systems, instrumentation and field devices. PSIpipelines can integrate easily with any third party SCADA system and other applications across diverse operation environments. It supports multiple international standards like OPC, Modbus, IEC and other protocols with minimal configuration to transfer data to and from SCADA servers. PSIpipelines can seamlessly integrate with PSIcontrol SCADA system which has been specifically developed for the monitoring and control of pipelines.

Integrated Leak Detection Solutions

DSPSI provides integrated leak detection solutions for upstream and downstream oil and gas pipelines through advanced hardware combined with the PSIpipelines software platform. The hardware components of PSI integrated solutions include dedicated Leak Remote Units (LRU) equipped with GPS synchronization, high analogue-to-digital resolution (above 12 bits depending on hardware model) and buffering capabilities to overcome communication failure without field data loss.

The fast scan high resolution platform allows the running of sophisticated PSIpipelines Pressure Wave Analysis and Pattern Recognition applications to resolve leak detection and location. Based on the distributed smart-processing hardware platform pipeline leaks can be detected directly by Leak Remote Units which provide various types of programmable outputs for pump shut-downs, isolation valves or local alarming purposes. The smart-processing features embedded in the hardware of PSI integrated solutions further boosts PSI leak detection capabilities in order to achieve fast response actions to line-ruptures while minimizing the communication bandwidth requirements for the  applications.