Precision Batch Cutting

The Precision Batch Cutting (PBC) application helps to significantly reduce transmix volumes and product contamination. The corresponding savings are an important revenue generator for pipeline companies. PBC allows more product volumes to get to the customer and a greater control of product quality.

Batch cutting is the process of identifying changes between batches and redirecting the flow from one location to another by opening and closing valves.

Using the Precision Batch Cutting application, operators can precisely track density changes to obtain the optimal time of batch cutting. Some mixing of product occurs at the interface of adjacent product grade batches. This volume can sometimes be mixed into one or both of the adjacent batches and still meet product specifications. When products are of significantly difffferent grade, the product interface (transmix) must be diverted to dedicated tanks to avoid contamination.

Pipeline operators need time to evaluate the optimal batch cut. Precise batch cutting is carried out with preview stations. These stations are located upstream from a delivery station and have real-time precision instrumentation like densitometers or colorimeters. The distance between preview and delivery stations may vary. Typically the preview station is located between 15 minutes and one hour upstream as measured by maximum flow rate.