Pigging Devices and Batch Separation Spheres

The Pigging Device and Sphere Tracking application helps to precisely track the movement of pigging devices or spheres and to predict arrival times to the next block valve and/or receiving facility. Furthermore, it helps to prevent asset damage. This application can track different types (also numerous simultaneously) of scrapers, pipeline inspection gauges and batch separation spheres within a pipeline and provides detailed information including start time, estimated arrival time (at receiver station, next station, next pig signal), position, velocity (based on RTTM velocity profile), slippage factor and launcher and receiver station.

The application uses passage signals to automatically adjust slippage and position. In combination with the PSIpipelines Valve Anti-Collision Advisor the system generates warnings before  approaching valve stations in order to avoid potential damage caused by valve closures. Pigs/scrapers and spheres are tracked down the line according to the current flow velocity corrected by the slippage factor. PSIpipelines has been designed to avoid false leak alarms during transmission and receiving operations.

The application provides the following functions:

  • Start
  • Move
  • Delete
  • Information
  • Data historian