Batch Tracking

The Batch Tracking application helps to monitor the transportation of different types of liquids in the same pipeline. It is used to set up optimal batch sizes and configurations taking equipment availability and downtime into account and to take advantage of variable energy costs for pump power.

Batch tracking is based on accepted nomination quantities and schedules provided by other systems.

Difffferent products are moved through the same pipeline in batches. Once the batches arrive at their respective destinations they are diverted into other lines or tanks. The Batch Tracking application is able to track different types of batches within a pipeline and provides detailed information including:

  • Start time
  • Estimated arrival time
  • Planned and actual volume
  • Storage tanks at inlet and outlet
  • Transmix (interface) volume
  • Position
  • Liquids and their volumes
  • Velocity
  • Density and viscosity
  • Pipeline branch