PSIpipelines provides a comprehensive tracking system. Data is permanently
exchanged between the RTTM and the tracking system to ensure very precise
calculation results. The tracking applications utilize velocity profiles from the
RTTM. The batch tracking application provides density data to the RTTM during
the movement of different products. The system provides applications for:

Pigging Devices and Spheres Tracking

The Pigging Device and Sphere Tracking application helps to precisely track the movement of pigging devices or spheres and to predict arrival times to the next block valve and/or receiving facility. More

Batch Tracking

The Batch Tracking application helps to monitor the transportation of different types of liquids in the same pipeline. More

Precision Batch Cutting

The Precision Batch Cutting (PBC) application helps to significantly reduce transmix volumes and product contamination. More

Drag Reducing Agents

The DRA Tracking application helps to determine the effectiveness of these additives and hence to save money. More