Metering & Balancing

Completed operations including data on tank levels, analysis data and transport protocols are recorded. They are partially calculated and analyzed. Standard reports are available in different formats. Available are daily reports, monthly lists, grade inventory, tank history as well as annual summaries
and monthly billing. In addition, reports can be freely defined in the database.

Metering determines all quantitative and qualitative measurements and revision-safe loggings for all transports.
All quantities are recorded precisely. Quantities and grades can be quickly and clearly assigned to balance accounts. The system automatically generates all data necessary
for billing.

The amount allocated the different customers is logged for various grades in the different mixtures per transport.
The calculation is performed in parallel according to three different norms ASTM, GOST and DIN/ISO.

Billing of the variable quantities is carried out after allocation. Quantities are allocated per grade based on freely
definable balance accounts. They are converted to tons based on different standards and form the basis for financial
accounting of the sub-sequent transports. All recorded data can be reused as input values ​​for new planning cycles.

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