Schedule, supervise and control your liquid and gas pipelines

Water is the most important liquid for life. 6000 products are made from oil and gas. And pipelines are the vital infrastructure.

Our vision is to contribute to a sustainable supply of all commodities and products. Our mission is to transform raw big data into valuable information so that operators always make the right decisions for safe and reliable transportations.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are the key technologies that help to detect anomalies, to enhance pipeline and asset lifetime, to reduce costs and to identify optimal operational modes.


Manage the transportation demands of tomorrow

Pipelines continue to supply reliable, clean and affordable energy towards 2050 and beyond. Innovate the ways you operate your business. Significant cost savings will result from using the existing gas infrastructure to deliver and store increased quantities of renewable and decarbonized energy through sector integration and sector coupling.

Manage aging assets including prevention and detection of damage. Carry out repair in an efficient way and make sure that your pipelines stay in great condition for future generations. Mitigate threats and preserve your physical and cyber security.

We support the transition towards zero greenhouse emissions. We help to create solutions for sustainable energy systems. We accompany your initiatives to reduce the carbon footprint and to develop new business opportunities that make the most of decarbonized gas.


are already operated in safe mode.

  • Open Grid Europe

  • Gazprom

  • Gasunie

  • Terega

  • Ontras

  • Gascade

  • Westnetz

  • Terranets

  • Nowega

  • NBB

  • Swedegas

  • Thyssengas

  • TAL

  • Dow

  • Saudi Aramco

  • Transneft

  • OMV

  • PCK

  • MVL

  • RMR


  • KOC

  • Orlen


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