Leak Detection & Pipeline Monitoring (Selected)


Migration of the leak detection and location system to PSIpipelines for the product and gas pipeline system of DOW Central Germany in Böhlen. The implemented software was certified according to SIL 1 by TÜV.

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Kuwait Oil Company

Leak detection and location system for the countrywide gas and condensate pipelines of KOC. Applications include simulation, forecasting, pig tracking and training system.

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Leak detection and location system for a product pipeline from Perm to Almetevsk. Two independent and continuously working procedures were required to detect leaks in steady-state operation and one of the them had to detect leaks in transient operation as well.

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OMV AG (formerly Adria Wien Pipeline GmbH)

New control system for OMV’s crude oil pipeline with higher functionalities tankfarm management, online simulation, batch and pig tracking and training.

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Saudi Aramco

Delivery of a Pipeline Leak Detection and Location System (PSIpipelines) for the Saudi Aramco Karan Gas Field Project with 4 offshore flow lines and a 38” offshore trunk line 85 km in length from the gas field to the onshore gas plant.

Transalpine Oelleitung GmbH

Upgrade to new process control system PSIcontrol. The system includes integrated higher operating and security functions in PSIpipelines such as online simulation, batch tracking, leak detection and stress monitoring.

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