Scalability and Flexibility

PSI GMS is a highly scalable solution which provides all applications that are
needed for day-to-day operation. All applications of PSI GMS are built on top of a common set of subsystems including real-time database, data historian, event and alarm system, data validation, communication and data exchange, redundancy management with automatic failover functionality, user access authorisation and a graphical user interface with Windows look and feel and multi-language support.

The inherent flexibility of the system ensures that an existing solution can expand to very large multilevel transport and distribution grids without project-specific code changes. In order to support maximum flexibility, scalability and efficient project implementation, PSI’s GMS provides all necessary engineering tools for master data configuration, graphical screen design, user management and other configuration tools.

The utilisation of the modular platform and engineering, development and service expertise enables PSI to be a strategic partner for customers to implement standard or tailor-made solutions.