Grid Supervision

PSIcontrol provides efficient monitoring and control for technical processes. It supports the operation of input, transport, storage and output of gas in large pipeline systems. Operators are able to handle these processes safely, continuously, economically and in compliance with customer contracts.

Data Acquisition

PSIcontrol provides standard interfaces with standard protocols to capture realtime data from the actuator / sensor level.

Data Validation

Data collected by PSIcontrol is validated in real time. The validation includes plausibility, origin, status and processing detail tests. They can be set individually for each object.

Data Storage

Field data and processed data are stored in the real-time database. This database contains the current state of the process.

Data Historian

The integrated Data Historian stores all data collected by GMS applications, providing complete data records for gas grid and storage operations. The Data Historian provides a variety of data management tools for analysis and optimisation.


Visualisation is the central interface for human-process communication. Process and system states are shown by process displays, trend curves, data sheets, logs and alarm information. Commands and set points are used to control the grid and storage.


In addition to process monitoring and control funtions carried out by the operator, control tasks can be fully automatic and continuous through use of calculation rules.


The alarm log is used to display important events which prompt the operator to react appropriately.

Event Processing

PSIcontrol’s event log is a very efficient tool that provides a quick overview of the entire process. It stores all important process events as well as all relevant operator actions.

System Configuration

PSIcontrol provides a complete set of configuration and engineering tools for e.g. master data, process displays, calculation scripts and pipeline simulations.