Grid Management

The Grid Management function is mainly comprised of logistical and dispositional
tasks. These tasks can be of a technically oriented nature and/or of a more commercially oriented nature. Grid Management in the technology oriented area is based on the physical conditions. The quantities and qualities at the input and output points are planned based on the transport capacities and the commercial constraints.

Transport and Storage Logistics
PSItransport is a gas transport and storage management application which provides the necessary functions to manage business for integrated companies,
TSOs and SSOs. The system serves as a central management console for gas
logistics, contract management, capacity management, inventory management,
business partner management, communication, reporting and master data management.

Capacity Management provides for the booking and combination of capacities
for the subsequent execution of the business. It handles firm and interruptible
capacities. The functionality for contract handling together with contract monitoring provides for an efficient execution of contracts. Communication including nomination handling, like matching, can be defined as flexibly as the business processes require. Any resultant aggregation will be used to support scheduling in operations.

Storage facilities are represented by their characteristic behaviour and their inventory. Balancing and allocation with current values provides necessary information for market partners and billing purposes. A standard and flexible definition of master data facilitates the appropriate representation of business process objects.

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