Enterprise Integration

For the purposes of company management the PSI GMS can be seamlessly integrated into the existing enterprise infrastructure and provides all necessary
data for upper management decisions. PSI GMS is integrated in the most secure

Security of Operation
PSI GMS uses standard IT components and proven network technologies. It is a
fault-tolerant system and ensures highest component availability for continuous

IT-specific risks must be eliminated or reduced as far as possible. It is well known that network and internet connections are vulnerable to viruses, trojans
and hacker attacks. Therefore in PSI GMS safety risks are minimised by
the following measures:

  • Access points are kept to a minimum number and are restricted
  • Highly segmented network infrastructure through use of firewalls
  • Limited usage of operational systems and third party software
  • Secure authentication processes
  • Inbuilt robustness against attack

The PSI GMS has been designed for 24/7 operations in mission critical environments.

Portal for business reporting
PSIportal is an application which supports the information flow and the information representation of all kinds of data for internal and external use. PSI and third party applications’ data is stored in PSIportal. The data is accessible via a web-based graphical user interface which allows representation of this data in table or diagram formats; to generate reports which can be sent automatically to predefined recipients; or to exchange data in standard formats with third party applications. The flexible web-based reporting solution can incorporate master data, measured values and calculated values. The system maintains an audit trail for the lifecycle of the data.

Operational Reporting
PSI GMS is delivered with an integrated reporting environment using MS Excel.
All Excel features are available for report composition. Reports can be printed,
emailed and stored.

Flexible communication interfaces provide data and reporting connection to
in-house applications and employees. PSIcomcentre manages the business
communication via automated protocols to business partners.